expanding my horizons: the blood orange

I’m almost embarrassed to admit this, but up until this past weekend, I had never tasted a blood orange. Yes, I live in Florida, where the state fruit is the orange, and the state flower is the orange blossom. However, blood oranges are not native to Florida. So there. I don’t feel so bad now.
trio of blood orange slices
I think part of me was always worried about stains, too. I’m sort of peculiar that way. It’s the same reason I’ve never eaten a fresh pomegranate.
trio of blood orange slices
Verdict? My daughter and I really liked the subtle sweetness of the blood orange. It was really easy to peel, and it sections beautifully. My son refused to eat something that color. My husband wouldn’t wake up from his nap to try it.
blood orange slices



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10 responses to “expanding my horizons: the blood orange

  1. Merry

    Call me strange, but anything with the word blood in it scares me.

  2. tina

    Blood oranges look a bit strange, and I’ve never eaten one, however there is a vodka I like (love) that is infused with blood oranges.

  3. Mauna

    My first experience with a blood orange was in France (I think). Our friend Tracey got one off a street vendor, and we were all convinced that the orange had “gone bad”. Little did we know…

  4. The “Goth” orange! LOL Actually they taste pretty wonderful, though slices look like they’re bleeding! I think the juice is just beautiful.

  5. nice horizons to branch out to …….

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